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Capgemini’s Smart Container and Logistics Solution
It provides the ability to use IoT to track and monitor containers in real-time and effectively handle exceptions. The solution aggregates and analyzes data from the container (e.g. temperature, pressure, vibration, humidity, luminosity, etc) using a rules engine. The solution also leverages real-time stream computing to detect incidences of parameters veering beyond threshold value like illegitimate stoppages, pilferage, etc. Blockchain provides the ability to define and execute smart contracts in secure and trustworthy environments for the entire logistics operation, for all the stakeholders involved (e.g. manufacturer, C&F agents, 3PL, and customers).   Click here to watch

Supply Chain Management Key Challenges
Mr. Martin Christopher is an emeritus professor of marketing and logistics at Cranfield School of Management in the UK, he is widely recognized as a leader in his field. He delves into three main areas of vital strategic importance: 1. Why supply chain management has become so critical today; 2. The major challenges over the next decade which will impact the supply chain; 3. How Marketing and Logistics are closely connected to business success.   Click here to watch

Tesla's Model S Supply Chain
The Tesla competitive supply chain management is doing with grand manufacturing by the automated unit. It is doing with roughly 106+ special robotic types of equipment. In the selling unit of unique inventory strategy and encourage the direct sale to the end customer. Here the product and the services based on the consolidation of strategy designs such as market planning and its information from various aspects.   Click here to watch

Amazon Supply Chain Conference
Mr. Tim Collins, The Vice President of Worldwide Logistics with e-commerce company Amazon, gave a keynote about his and Amazon's work with supply chain management and logistics at the Supply Chain Conference 2017.   Click here to watch

Supply Chain Management (SCM) at Flipkart
In Flipkart, the end-to-end SCM has been animated for reference. It has been detailed all about the product procurement through online order placing till the product delivery or reaches out to the end customer. There are the number of delivery partner along with product supply to keep the product for dangerous free, fast-moving delivery and station wise delivery process.   Click here to watch

Warehouse Failure
The most common failures typically happen in various warehouses because of the poor arrangements and planning. This leads to lots of damages and losses for the distribution centre.   Click here to watch

Logistic Warehouse Construction
A quick view of a logistic warehouse construction and it’s planning to enable with the technology for storage solutions and dispatch. Major points that should include a warehouse construction have Minimum qualities can be found out with the simple planning and assessments.   Click here to watch

The Robots at Warehouse
The Robots are used in one of the Chinese firms that help to delivery parcels instantly. The Robots works for 24/7 and it can be actively identifying the correct destination of its package by reading the product code simultaneously.   Click here to watch

Warehouse Optimization Case Study
How to analyze the distribution operation at the warehouse? How Engineering & Design helps study to improve the efficiency of the optimized warehouse? What are the automatic machines & manual equipment used for simplifying the product placement?  Click here to watch

Electric Walkie Pallet Jack
Electric warlike pallet jack usually designed to easier the loading & unloading goods at warehouse even for rough surfaces. IP65 - rated electric system to improved handle head casting and to increased bumper clearance and approach angle.   Click here to watch

Warehouse safety Tips
There are some key points to remember about the most injuries and facilities can be prevented. How to overcome the most common issues faced when displaced material, damages n materials, poor layout, material falling from the rack, sudden chemical exposure, hazards from power tools, etc.   Click here to watch

Warehouse Automation
Complete automation systems in the warehouse such as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), Storage and Retrieval Machines, Swam intelligence software & 2XL N. V. It helps to reduce the labor cost especially on holidays and also it has efficient material flow in confined spaces. There is logistics software ensures the transparent process.   Click here to watch

Entrepreneurs’ Advice on Business Success
50 successful entrepreneurs’ shared priceless pieces of advice that all definitely inspire to build the effective vision and better think of enterprises. ‘Focus on what you like to do’ is the pain relief quote said by many of these entrepreneurs and of course definitely, it gives us to get a better suggestion on what we working with & about our mission on it.  Click here to watch

Automatic pallet jack at Warehouse
How can a picking concept in your warehouse operations be diminishing up to 40 % of savings? Here the automatic pallet jack picking the products instead of driving. That is all about easy to integrate with warehouse management system and 60 to 100 % of picking productivity. It consistently makes the less human effort. Click here to watch

Amazon's Fulfilment Centre on Holidays
One of the Amazon's California fulfillment centers to see how it all works on holidays. Even though 629 products sold per second, they have no slowdown in the warehouse management system. It has the typical automated systems such as Kiva Robots that are used to handle the order of storage & retrieval systems and they have autonomous Robots that zip underneath 700 LB storage shelves. Click here to watch